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Troca o roupão por um sobretudo branco #Boy #Happy #Perfect #Omne #InLove

I can do it for the first day of high school until the last day of high school about everything i do

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I Am Just Like All Of Those Except Virgo's (I Care About Everything), Libra's (I…

He's totally rocking his spiked collar :)

Kept it inside...didn't tell no one else...Didn't even want to admit it to yourself

Kelsey understood and questioned just about everything

Americans may be backwards when it comes to just about everything, but at least we're not the French schooling system:

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I love the night. I hate the sun. I wish it could be dark all the time. I could spend hours laying outside under the stars. No matter the weather.

Elements of Setting: How to Create a Vivid World

(OPEN RP) I sit in the middle of no where and write about everything that's happened. Everything but I've come here to think too and to take some pictures maybe ding if I'm feeling Disney princessy I sit and just when I get my camera on a deer someone stomped up behind me I turned around and saw....