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Troca o roupão por um sobretudo branco #Boy #Happy #Perfect #Omne #InLove

19 Tumblr Puns That Will Make You Extremely Angry About Everything |

may be silly but I love zodiac stuff!

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While police are worthy of immense respect, I believe animals can make just about everything better.

i love tumblr because it describes exactly what I feel about everything


I love that Tumblr people love the Supernatural fandom but at the same time they don't want to upset them. We are crazy!

You were on a video call with the boys and talk about everything that had happened since the last time you hang out. What the rest didn't know was you and Jungkook have been flirting for a while. As they were discussing about something, Jungkook and you have been sneaking some flirtatious looks at each other until J-Hope notice Jungkook messing with his hair. He walks closer to the camera and starts to imitate Jungkook. You laugh as Jungkook looks flustered at his hyung.