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Blog do Diogenes Bandeira: Google Glass pode ser usado para descobrir senhas ...

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Vous pourrez bientôt regarder des contenus multimédia à travers une lentille de contact

LED Lights Make Augmented Vision a Reality. University of Washington researchers have figured out how to implant semitransparent red and blue LED lights in contact lenses, for the purpose of receiving and displaying data in sharp visual images and video. This means wearers will literally be able to watch TV or view photos that are projected directly onto their eyeballs. Once miniature green LEDs are developed (and they’re in the works, as of now), full color displays will be possible.

Apple Watch is the next generation smartwatch, which is extremely a profound gadget. Apple Watch is the Apple's most personal gadget so far. However the Apple Watch is little bit expensive, priced from $300- $17000

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Smart Contact Lenses Will Give You Superhuman Vision

The Innovega eyewear system is made up of two parts: glasses and contact lenses. The contact lenses give you enhanced focusing abilities, so you can see near and far at levels beyond what the normal eye can see. For example, if you put a finger up to your eye while wearing the contacts, you can actually see the fine details of your fingerprint; whereas, the natural eye can't focus on an object so close up.

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AIRTYPE is, the keyless keyboard of the future. The innovative device fits in the palm of your hand and let´s you type on any surface, it learns your finger movements and adapts to the way you type, so you don´t need to change your typing habits, it´s no different from typing on a traditional keyboard. And with Airtype there is no need for backspace, the smart device brings dynamic text prediction and correction to your typing experience.

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3D Systems second-gen Cube 3D printer boasts faster prints and more materials

Confira resumidamente toda a trajetória sobre como a impressão se desenvolveu através dos anos, possibilitando enormes avanços na atualidade.

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Under Armour Works On Interactive Garmets

Under Armour Works On Interactive Garmets | Ubergizmo

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The Future Home: How to Print Your Own Clothes

The clothing printer — Print different clothing everyday and reuse old clothes to make new clothes.....say what????

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Flying Robot Cleaning System Wins Electrolux Design Lab

I want one of these: "Flying Robot Cleaning System Wins Electrolux Design Lab in technology news events home furnishings Category"