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Gente queria muito agradecer todo apoio e força de vocês com o veda simplesmente VOCÊS SÃO DEMAIS

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Top 10 Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Slide out table in island bench

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30+ Insanely Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Storage, maximized. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed 1. Install kitchen sink drawers that tip out. installing-kitchen-sink-tip-outs.html“> You need all the space you can get. Here’s a tutorial from someone who actually installed it, and here’s where you can buy the Tip-Out Kit, $20.99 for two trays and two sets of hinges. 2. Keep an over-the-sink cutting …

21. Sep: Es ist Internationaler Tag des Friedens! "Der ‪#‎Friede‬ beginnt im eigenen Haus." (Karl Jaspers)

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Beautiful Anime Art by DestinyBlue

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DIY Projects Round Up : Outdoors Edition

driftwood candle holders - simple and elegant!

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Handcrafted Wooden Plant Stand

Ce support de plantes uniques, fabriqués à la main sera le complément parfait de modern à votre salon. Cette liste est pour un 7 h x 10.5(w) taille. Il ne vient-elle pas avec le pot en céramique, mais ce support s’adapte à des pots de taille de 6-6.5 de diamètre. Bon shopping

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Thieves Tea - Support The Immune System With Essential Oils

Make Thieves Tea to help with cold and flu symptoms!! This works for me every time! More details in the post when you click the image.

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Get Super-Organized by the End of the Month

Arts supplies (your kids or yours) won't take over your whole house if you provide a compact vessel for them. This three-tiered kitchen cart (from IKEA) stops your collection from growing exponentially, and looks surprisingly cute even when stuffed with paints and papers. See more at I Just Might Explode » -

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DIY Pallet Wine Bar

2 pallets + 3 pavers + white paint = a great outdoor shelf, bar or garden table. This is inexpensive, easy and handy.