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Creating a cartoon to tell your story would be a fun way to add interesting information to your presentation or presentation board. This site, ToonDoo, allows you to create your own cartoon using hunderds of characters and scenes. What a fun way to showcase your knowledge.

Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line - Getting Smart by Susan ...

Check out this multimedia poster on the Respiratory System made using Glogster EDU. This site allows you to make interactive, online posters that can include audio, video, and graphics. You could create a Glog on any subject. How could you use Glogster EDU to enhance the understanding of your findings for your next presentation?

Free Download: Using Seminars to Teach the Common Core's Speaking and Listening Standards, by Terry Roberts and Laura Billings, (

"15 Free Learning Tools You've Probably Never Heard Of"

10 Online Tools to Master Language Teaching

This is an interesting tool to create videos and presentations. I enjoyed going through it although I ended up choosing a different one since it suited me better. You can find it at:

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Show and Tell for Common Core Listening and Speaking Standards

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Grouping Strategies to use with any lesson! Common Core Speaking & Listening

Cooperative Learning Common Core Speaking & Listening Strategies

iPads can be powerful teaching tools. In classrooms around the world iPads are mainly used by teachers and students for consumption, curation, and creation