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Guerra na Síria - Jogos Sujos: Os Mercenários Importados

Syria Ivory statuette, Syrian ivory is the most finely executed archaeological finds of the 3rd millennium BC. They emerge in many Syrian sites including Mari, Ugarit, Ebla and Hadatu (Arslan Tash). According to the historical records, carved ivory is also found during the Aramaic epoch in Damascus, too. To be imported by Ugarit, ivory traveled up through the Nile River to the Delta, from then carried on Canaanite ships towards Ugarit.

The 25th-century BC statue of the praying figure of Ebih-Il, superintendent of the ancient city-state of Mari in eastern Syria. The figure's only dress is the Sumerian-style ceremonial kaunakes skirt. It is made of gypsum, with inlays of schist, shells and lapis lazuli. The lapis lazuli inlays used were imported from as far east as Afghanistan.

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