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You live in a city full of people with powers where everyone is ranked according to how powerful they are. You can kill someone of a higher rank and obtain their rank. You are rank #1, but no one knows what your power is.

"After all, to what privilege do I owe your visit?" "We're leaving, now, either with or without you. But I can't stand one more minute of this damn town." So you in or you out? "In I guess. Where are we headed?" "If I knew I'd tell you. But I don't so I won't. Just grab your credit card, and some clothes, and some snacks for the road." "Your insane, have I ever told you that?" "As a matter of fact you have"

We are a new breed rising with fire in our eyes. We don't fear anything because we've already died. - red ink books

It was just sitting. Waiting for me to attack. It cowered away in fear but I think it wanted to die