Explora Bem Creme, Para Pés e outros!

Cuide-se Bem Creme Hidratante Para Pés Erva Doce 75g

Cuide-se Bem Creme Para Pentear Cachos 200ml

Cuide-se Bem Creme Para Pentear Fios Hidratados 200g

Cuide-se Bem Creme Hidratante Para Mãos Amêndoas E Baunilha 50g

Cuide-se Bem Creme Para Pentear Volume Controlado 200g

NIVEA Creme tin: goes with you in your purse for cracked or dry hands -- I need this now!

Coffee on the balcony ♡ While talking about life together

Easy homemade lip balm! This Mint Chocolate Chip lip balm is perfect for all #DIY folks looking for natural beauty products! Luxurious on your lips and smells so GOOD!

Veganese. The conditioner I use every time I wash my hair. Smells good. Feels great.

Coconut Rum Milkshake Recipe - - My best-ever milkshake recipe begins in the liquor cabinet. There’s good reason, though; when my folks returned from a trip to Cuba, they brought me back the most gaudily beautiful bottle of coconut rum. The stuff smells like summer holidays, and tastes like grown-up candy. Turn that into a milkshake, and now you’ve got something dangerously addicting. http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-best-milkshake-youll-ever-have-with.html#more

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