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30 day challenge: Welcome to my life #Day 05 | Upside Down

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I apologize to myself

Apology Letter to our bodies//

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23 fotos que acertam na mosca como é ter depressão

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The most frightening nightmare..o lover who loves you no more..

This picture is very powerful. Even though life is tough at times, it shouldn't end with you taking your own life. In Camus' eyes, "suicide is defeat; it is allowing life to overcome one's own "absurd heroism"". It goes against what existentialism is. Defeat is a sign of giving up and they believe you should never give up.

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One of the most moving pictures i have seen. The stigma of mental illnesses in our society needs to be stopped. Mental illness is a serious disease. Ther is no "getting over it" the amount of effort it takes to just start feeling better takes weeks. Keep that in mind before you automatically associate someone with a mental illness as crazy- because you're the crazy one for the judgement