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30 day challenge: Welcome to my life #Day 05 | Upside Down

Very powerful. Shows how someone can be clearly suicidal and how blind everyone is to it. "Muito poderoso. Mostra como alguém pode ser claramente suicida e quão cego todo mundo é para ele."

30 day challenge: Welcome to my life #28 | Upside Down http://joanasrverissimo.blogspot.pt/2015/08/30-day-challenge-welcome-to-my-life-28.html

When the Vamp Queen submerges Wattana in a substance believed to rid people of magic. (Decide if this actually happens or if it's a nightmare)

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the shadow is a nice idea

Here we go again. My account has been placed on the short list for suspension. It is only a matter of time & one arbitrary decision before Antinomian 7.0 is buried. However I have established Antinomian 8.0. You can find a link in my Followers/Following. I am looking for new people to follow :~) Xx

Then make it come true!

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