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pheberoni: i restarted again but i am getting a solid feel on Tyler so

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Alix, average commoner who works at the factories to provide for her family. Only her siblings know about her ability to feel the fears, desires, and hopes of others. - Art Nerd

Ozalene Robbinn, oneirokinesis, (controller of sleep, dreams, etc.), younger sister of Wolfgang.

She had a passionate longing for the garden, the darkness, the pure sky and the stars

{The Cavern Door by Elka Frey} Ten years ago, three teenage girls escaped the caverns, sole survivors of a horrific accident they swore they'd never discuss. Now, Lucy is gone, and Agnes and Rose must confront the horror of the cavern to discover what truly happened to their friends | Lucy

To most people, Shriva is known as N'senac. In Olberix, people go by their last names, with only a first letter denoting birth order placement. First names are for parents, children, siblings, and spouses. Though it is common for Olberixans to have multiple partners, non-child-bearing-partners typically do not even know each other's first names. Personal names are revealed as part of a marriage ceremony. So, in other words, Shriva REALLY should not have told Thero her name.

Cassandra dressed in high fashion.