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Sangetsu, São Paulo, Brasil By Erisson Thompson de Lima Junior.

IKEBANAS - A Arte de vivenciar o Belo : É importante obedecer a Deus, estar pronto para ac...

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Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. Garth Brook

I just found out about this floral arrangement called an Ikebana. It's Japanese in origin and concentrates on beauty in balance. It is simple, elegant, below eye level,and doesn't require alot of flowers to create. If each table at a reception had a similar yet different ikebana design it would be representative of individual style

Happy weekend my Pin friends !Thank you for following me and sharing your beautiful pins with me! NO PIN LIMITS ! Happy Pinning! Reyhan ~*

LOVE the tulle handle and the leaves....I think they make for a much more interesting bouquet. This is my favorite!!!

a flower can grow anywhere

tiny flower in hand. Ikebana. Fly aerial inspiration for aerial yoga-pilates-fitness-art therapy-coaching (aeroyoga/aeropilates/conceptual fitness) www.aerialyoga.tv

~ Bonsai ~ This one must be pretty big ~

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