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This is hilarious!!! Hahaha!!!

Fluency practice! (Rowdy in Room 300)

This is a good idea to help students practice their inflection while reading. I think this would be best for lower grades or struggling readers that might not have the ability to read an entire phrase with inflection. Also, sight word practice!

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Just an expression.. by Himeco on deviantART NO GO SIT IN THE CORNER YOU ARE IN A TIME OUT WHO EVER MADE THIS on

I needed this.<<<< I have an amazing headcannon picture that reminds me of this. Let's just say it took Hades, the goddess of peace, and six police men to get Nico off the mortal who called Hazel stupid <<< Perfection

Tomatoes, when on wooden plates create an acid that can be very poisonous. So I can understand why they thought that.

Hotchner is just so expressive, he's my favorite!

And here we have and...uh...dignified...elf...dammit Legolas!