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EDWARD MORDAKE, O HOMEM COM A CABEÇA DEMONÍACA! Ele não merece ser chamado desta maneira ele precisa de respeito. By Divonsir Borges.!.

A creepy X-ray image taken of a statue of Jesus in Mexico has revealed that the 300-year-old figure contains real human teeth - and they are...

Snow blindness is caused when unprotected eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light. It can be a serious problem in the Arctic where light is reflected off snow and ice. (Snow blindness is like a sunburn on the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye.) Thule hunters, like their Inuit descendants, carved snow goggles out of ivory and bone to prevent this. Two long slits were carved through the goggles so they covered each eye. These slits limited the amount of light hitting the eye.

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Chinês de língua gigante não abre a boca há 21 anos

giant tongue, 25 inches long, ten wide and seven thick, makes the Chinese Wang Youping, 34, unable to open his mouth for 21 years

Miami cannibal attack victim Ronald Poppo, before and after - The Weird Picture Archive

Remove rust by mixing 1 c borax and 2 cups warm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice.

O Vôo que Atrasou no Tempo! "Seria possível um dedicado Comandante de uma aeronave, mesmo após partir deste mundo em um acidente, voltar a bordo de outras aeronaves em perigo para alertar seus tripulantes sobre uma possível tragédia?"

Statuette head composition representing one of Akhenaten’s daughters with the classic Amarna elongated face and skull, and thick lips. Cairo Museum, Egypt.