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"omg, Emily-- get this. So I was using that app that uses GPS technology to find lonely people nearby that are looking to fuck or get free meals. I matched with this guy. We meet up for drinks-- and my checking account was really low so I didn't feel like grocery shopping or paying for food that week. And it turns out he was just using GPS technology to find lonely people nearby to fuck. What's wrong with people?" --@trevso_electric (his captions were the fucking best)

they make an #app for everything these days #lifehacks #life #brooklyncartoons #cartoons

its the weekend find someone to make you some #pancakes #brooklyncartoons #cartoons

it's saturday, get out there and drink something. #beer #booze #bars #pbr #brooklyncartoons #cartoons

productivity this morning is at an all time high #mondays #brooklyncartoons #illustration

hit 10k followers this week! thank you to everyone for your support!! (#tbt to the first cartoon on this account)

"If you ever need a reminder that someone else looked at your worst psycho mistake and thought, 'I need to put a ring on that hand and make it legally binding,' just log on. You're free. Feel the wind in your hair. Breathe the kors in your lungs" -- RIP @trevso_electric (#trevsotuesday #trevtuesday)

hello 911? I'd like to report that the English language is literally dying // a collaboration with @trevso_electric

each time you send a dick pic or ask for nudes you get one step closer to an eternity of damnation // another collaboration with @trevso_electric

big to my cali followers. extending holiday sale through friday use "CYBERWEEK" for 20% free in