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A Santo Help adora usar um objeto para várias outras funções. Como esse por exemplo, um porta pílulas que vira um porta-treco pra você colocar o que quiser e deixar tudo bem organizado e separadinho! Que tal?! #dicasSantoHelp

FREEBIE!! CANDY CORN TRINITY CRAFT - This is a quick fall-themed craft to reinforce the concept of the Trinity. The Trinity is a difficult theological truth to understand at any age. Using examples from real life often helps us to understand spiritual truths. St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate how 3 parts (leaves) made 1 whole (shamrock). Candy Corn can also illustrate this, 3 colors, 1 candy: 3 persons, 1 God.


Mildly Sexist Vintage Ad's

Dr. Dafoe, let me punch you in the throat. (kg)

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15 Inspirational Quotes For More Joyful Living

I have what it takes to overcome whatever I am going through

How's your awesome life going buttercup? Busy? It's called life. Things to's called responsibility.

Why do Indians worship the Tulsi Plant? The ‘Tulsi’ or the ‘Holy Basil’ is considered as the holiest of all plants in the Hindu religion. Basil is the first love of Lord Vishnu and it is firmly believed that the worship of the Lord is incomplete without offering him its sacred leaves. It contains immense healing properties for the common cold,treatment of cancer, stress, asthma, diabetes, skin disorders and slows aging. It acts as a natural substance which helps in reducing stress.

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10 Benefits to Being Organized

Using dividers and clear containers helps keep your drawers in check!

Uma mesa arrumada nao é tudo de bom de lindo? #dicasSantoHelp

...and so it's Monday! A wonderful start to our week isn’t always *painless* day — It’s a *Meaningful* Day — and Meaningful Days are simply Faithful, Prayerful, Helpful, Merciful, Thankful. Successfulness is simply deciding *faithfulness* in the long direction toward *meaningfulness.* And the thing is today? All of the overwhelming demands before you won't leave an underwhelmed peace in you -- if you quietly invite Jesus to walk with you.