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A Type 2 shares her "compulsive giving, resentment, blow-up" cycle.

The number Two personality veers away from feeling worthless by helping others, giving them advice and busying themselves looking after everyone. They miss out big time because they forget about their own needs.

You can tell if someone has a type two personality because their speaking style is giving advice. They see you as needing help, possibly sick or in need of cheering up and feel that they're just the person to help you.

Enneagram Type 2: Giver, Caretaker, Helper, Nurturer, Advisor or Manipulator

"Minhas maiores qualidades: perfeccionista, responsável e disciplinada. Meus maiores defeitos: idem." Paula Fernandes

The Enneagram: Type 7 - The Optimist Infographic

The Enneagram: Type 7 - The Optimist Infographic