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Bella, Edward e Jacob apareceram na quarta posição entre o “Top 10 dos Triângulos Amorosos Mais Quentes” do cinema, devido à sua tensa relação em Twilight, na lista feita pelo site VH1.

Twilight series

Love all the Twilight series. I didn't think I would. I thought they were going to do another Anne Rice and that was making me not watch them because I didn't think they could be out done how off I was. Love'em.

twilight cake

Twilight, yes I love these books. So much better than the movies.

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. | Link for later, don't mind this... http://stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf

Believe it or no, Twilight inspires me -- because if this piece of shit can get published, I KNOW I can.

I loved all four! Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn was my favorite

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