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This is one of my favorite photo ideas for us! We totally have to take a pic like this!!! @Larissa Weston Más

Blog de quasedezoito : Quase Dezoito........, Saiba como fazer amigos em cinco lugares diferentes!

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Blog Geovana Vitória: Morando Sozinha ou Com Amiga ?

Coco Ho + Quincy Davis #volcomwomens #truetothis #surftripmaui----Bellos ojos, mas bellos si ven bien. Controlate cada año. Lee en nuestro blogspot "Descansar frente a la PC " y otros-----

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Best friends: Those who are there for each other to hold each others hand, help to carry them and support them with all they have when the other has nothing, no motivation or strength when all they have if their best friend to tell their problems to and cry on, even when the tears don't come. Someone to laugh with and fall to the floor together bent over on your knees with tears in your eyes, Bc you're laughing together so hard. "The bad times make the good times better"