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brazil: candomble priestess by chester higgins | via laeticia |Tumblr

Pictures With All The Orishas | Orishas Poster Photograph by James C Lewis - Yoruba African Orishas ...

Sua natureza é a lua... Salve Sr. Flexeiro!

"OGUN: Yoruba Orisha" by International photographer James C. Lewis

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OSHUN - in theYoruba religion, is an Undergoddess who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy. She is worshipped also in Brazilian Candomblé Ketu, with the name spelled Oxum.

Ochosi (also known as Osoosi, Ochossi, Oxossi). The divine hunter and embodiment of justice amongst the Orishas. Ochosi is a skilled tracker, hunter and the most talented archer in the world. Ochosi can find the way in and out of the jungle/Forest where others get lost. He is close friends with Eleggua and Ogun; the three of whom are called “the warriors”. He is an orisha of high moral and ethical standards