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brazil: candomble priestess by chester higgins | via laeticia |Tumblr

Sua natureza é a lua... Salve Sr. Flexeiro!

yoruba orisha | Yoruba African Orishas; Mythology

Pretos Velhos | Tumblr Mais

Ochosi (also known as Osoosi, Ochossi, Oxossi). The divine hunter and embodiment of justice amongst the Orishas. Ochosi is a skilled tracker, hunter and the most talented archer in the world. Ochosi can find the way in and out of the jungle/Forest where others get lost. He is close friends with Eleggua and Ogun; the three of whom are called “the warriors”. He is an orisha of high moral and ethical standards

Mara, a goddess of the Nine Divines, is considered the mother-goddess and goddess of love. Some consider her as a universal goddess. Her origins started in mythic times as a fertility goddess. In Skyrim, Mara is a handmaiden of Kyne.

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