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35 Powerful Inspirational Quotes.

If You Want To Fast Track Your Growth, Do These 8 Things From Today

It all starts with your thoughts.

It all starts with your thoughts.

Worthy thoughts quote by Boyd K. Packer.

Thoughtful Quotes from Marilyn Monroe - Snappy Pixels

I am not a huge fan of the show, however this quote has stuck with me over the years. I am not saying I hated the show, it had its moments of genius. -------------------------------------------------- STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - ART PRINT / POSTER (CAPTAIN PICARD/ QUOTE)

Thursday Thoughtful Quotes Yep, kids should realize that, but some never do even as adults. kellysthoughtsonthings is where I saw this.

You don't need to be beautiful, you ARE beautiful. We were born beautiful, and despite all the growth, nothing about our innate beauty has changed. I'd say, own that. Know your beauty. Be sure you're the one defining what that is. And, dare to look beyond flesh and bone. But dare to love the beauty of your body too. It's all kinda necessary.-Heather

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