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Elephantiasis caused by lymphatic filariasis This patient was most likely infected by Wuchereria bancrofti, as Brugia malayi and Brugia timori are very regionally-specific to the areas around Timor and Malaysia. W. bancrofti was originally endemic only to West and Central Africa, until it was introduced to the Caribbean and Southern United States by the slave trade. There was an unusually high prevalence around Charleston, South Carolina, until it suddenly disappeared in the early 1920s. As…


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The MV Neptuna explodes during the bombing of Darwin, Australia on 19 February 1942. Over 200 Japanese aircraft attacked the town's two airfields and ships in Darwin's harbour, inflicting heavy losses upon the Allied forces at little cost to themselves.

In remote East Timor, the roads are so poor and transport so limited that travelling anywhere takes a huge amount of time and effort. And if you’re sick, getting help means leaving whatever work you may have and spending a lot of money to find a doctor. Enter mobile health services staff! Imagine the value to local people when midwives, nurses and community health educators come to them. In times of crisis, there’s nothing more important. $1000

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