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Explora João Da, Carioca João e outros!

João Paulo Marques / Joni / Joni Carioca / João da Vespa ..e há mais alguns!: Os idiomas / os idiomesês – e a incerteza de saber...

50 Tips for doing Disney on a Budget

50 Tips for doing Disney on a Budget A trip to Walt Disney World is a dream come true for most people. The challenge is finding tips and tricks that are going to actually save you money and help y…

Ryan Rivard

infographic by Ryan Rivard based on John August's advice on How to Write a Scene.

Writing advice…

I would so love to write a book, or maybe just a little something like a perspective of someone.

If you had an ancestor who fought in the First World War, we recommend you check the Queen's Canadian Military Hospital Registers (1914-1919) as they include registers of admission and discharge, and rolls of patient transfers to help you add more stories to your family tree. Search them here: #genealogy #familyhistory

20 Uber Driver Items That Should Be In Every Rideshare Car

20 Uber Car Tools that every rideshare driver should have in their vehicle to maximize ratings and earnings through tips.

How to Teach Like John Bytheway

Famed LDS author and speaker John Bytheway shares the secrets to his teaching style. Learn how he does what he does--and start teaching like Brother Bytheway yourself.

Flashlight Routines that Teach Form

Flashlight routines in music class can be used to reinforce form and keep students engaged and excited about learning. This post shares routines for "Cantina Band" by John Williams and "March" from the Nutcracker as well as tips and tricks for using them successfully in your music classroom.

The Character Most Writers Get Wrong (And How to Fix It

Here's an incredible tool for writers. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality tool that savvy writers use to create deeply complex and startlingly realistic characters. *

John Steinbeck 6 Writing Tips. Most of these would work well for either fiction or non-fiction writing.