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CAT SNIP: Cats of note. Do cats love music? Anecdotal evidence say they do, but they're sensitive to sounds that are too loud. Classical music played softly in the background is best. Supposedly, one Russian Blue was so fond it, he'd pick up his rawhide chew stick and conduct !

more excited about growing up and choosing my own cats than the possibility of marriage...

PP: this must be the prize winning picture for “cats in hats!” (i'm sure my kitties would have all the feathers chewed off in 3 seconds)

Sassy chat is sassy>>> I can just see him going "guuuuurl u gotta be kitten me those shoes with that outfit hun we gotta give u a makeover"

de Gonna Want Seconds

KFC Coleslaw

"KFC-Coleslaw-Recipe. This is an amazing copycat version of the famous KFC Coleslaw Recipe. It's sweet, a little tangy and fabulously creamy! My all-time favorite coleslaw recipe!"



Cats Who Have No Intention Of Letting You Read Your Book

Ahahahaa I have one of those. - Cats Who Have No Intention Of Letting You Read Your Book

Las Rosas son Rojas, El cabello de Marinette es Azul y a ella le queda hermoso aparte parece ladybug :D

de The Glamorous Housewife

Why Don't You

{Devon Rex} And this is why the Egyptians worshipped cats ... they are godly creatures.