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My final mural in SF! Dedicated to the amazing / talented - crazy, sexy, cool ladies I had the honor to work/bond with all month - @lolo_ys & @caratoes TLC foreva! #TatiLaurenCara #TenderLoinChics #WanderAndWayfare #LuggageStore #NTLCRU

by NoseGo in Philadelphia

Os Gemeos - Jan 2015

Linus Lundin

Salvador Dali spotted in Massachusetts #streetart @romrom. **Love this!!!**

by Meo 974


Great shot of amazing mural by our guest artist @artworkofkai (Hawaii) - his massive shark conservation themed mural during the festival in Cozumel, Mexico highlights the importance of rethink our perceptions about these incredible creatures. Science estimates the oceans could be void of sharks in the next 10-20 years if destructive fishing/consumption practices continue. Sharks are the ultimate apex predators and have shaped and balanced the delicate ocean ecosystem for over 400 million…

Recycled Can | by Fin DAC

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