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Pintura de uma cidade minóica. Essa pintura encontrada na parede de uma casa no sítio arqueológico de Akrotiri na ilha de Thera (hoje Santorini), pode demonstrar qual era a aparência de um típico palácio e de uma típica embarcação minóica.

Bronze age Etruscan fresco of a dancing lady C.1500BC Crete

Afresco representando golfinhos (Idade do Bronze, Akrotiri - Santorini).

This little vase was relly impressive! It was found in Zakros Ancient Minoan Palace, dated to 17th-15th century BC!

Akrotiri assembly.jpg Here's more of the confusing picture (called shipwreck fresco?). Walking men with hide shields. Walking women with colored skirts and white tops. (Maybe totally topless, unlike the Minoan norm of partially topless?) They look like they're stepping off the roof of a building. The tumbling men in the front are naked. (falling? drowning?)

(Symbol #11-Water-Whirlpool)- maelstrom

Saffron gatherer in fresco from Akrotiri, Thera. As you can clearly see here, Minoan women wore belts to hold up their culotte-like pants and their skirts. Also, they were the first civilization to wear corset-like metal belts underneath if their clothes to emphasize the waist on both women and men. This is the link for the original picture. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_Paintings_of_Thera

Rhea and Cronus, ca 475 - 425 BC, at Metropolitan Museum, New York City, USA.

Minoan Miniature Frieze Admirals Flotilla Fresco, Akrotiri, Santorini (Thera), Greece.

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