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European Colonization and the Cruel Fate of the Taínos - The Taínos were the people Christopher Columbus and his men encountered when they first set foot in the New World. Taínos greeted the Spaniards when the voyagers landed in the Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and other islands. They were were doomed the moment the Europeans came ashore. Read more at

Taino Pride, Uvero Alto, Dominican Republic Copyright: Jordi Diez

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The Taino genocide

The Taino genocide (1492-1518) is where the Spanish wiped out most of the Tainos (Arawaks), the native people of the northern Caribbean (present-day Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto…

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Cacike Anacaona of "Kiskeya." Taino governance was centered around Kiskeya. Taino in Boriken (Puerto Rico) were known for their ceremonial parks where areytos (gatherings) took place. Boricuas were known for ball games, whereas the Ciboneys in Cuba and Ciguayos in Jamaica were known for archery. (America, Caribbean Basin)

Hatuey (died February 2, 1512) was a Taíno Cacique from the island of Hispaniola who lived in the early sixteenth century. He has attained legendary status for leading a group of natives in a fight against the invading Spaniards, and thus becoming the first fighter against colonialism in the New World. He is celebrated as "Cuba's First National Hero."


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It's in Me! Taino DNA Designer Pocket Notebook (Brown/Black)

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