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Museu do Castelo de York, na Inglaterra, foi visitado por uma família e, anos depois, eles revelaram as fotos tiradas no dia da visita e apareceu uma meninas. que não estava lá.

Amityville,na cidade de Babylon (EUA). O lugar foi palco de um verdadeiro massacre. Um dos filhos da família que morava lá em 1974 matou os pais e os quatro irmãos. No ano seguinte, uma outra família comprou a casa, mas eles fugiram por medo, alegando que o local estava mal assombrado. A casa foi vendida novamente em 2010 por cerca de R$ 1,7 milhões ...

Riddle House, Florida has a haunted history. A former Riddle employee, Joseph, inhabits the attic of the house after committing suicide in the room. Joseph particularly hates men and has flung lids and other items at men who enter the room-leading to men being banned from the attic.

When I Saw These 13 Houses Were For Sale, I Was Shocked. They're Hiding Terrifying Secrets.

Lizzie Borden was a woman who in 1892 was tried for axe-murdering her father and step-mother. She was eventually acquitted, so feel free to purchase the home where she laid her head for only $650,000. There's also apparently a Lizzie Borden-themed <a href="">bed and breakfast</a> in the area that sounds like a real hoot.

The Pickfair Estate, home of 1920s silent film stars Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Description from I searched for this on

The 50 Scariest Haunted Houses in America - Bliss mansion

Bliss Mansion Endereço : 710 Ocidente Robinson St. Cidade : Carson City, Nevada

The haunted house of Boris Karloff. Boris Karloff used to live in Bramshott until his death. Karloff moved to the area apparently because of its history of paranormal activity. His house was said to be haunted by a tall dark figure and stories of unexplained noises in the house during the middle of the night. It is also said the ghost of Karloff himself has been seen walking the nearby lanes.

New Orleans: Commander’s Palace In the early 1880’s when Louisiana became a U.S. territory many Americans moved to New Orleans in hopes of making their fortunes. These new German, Irish etc. settlers where not welcomed by the established French Creoles that lived in New Orleans’ French Quarter. So these new snubbed residents established their own neighborhood, which quickly evolved into New Orleans’ beautiful Garden District. Its stately tree-lined s

The 50 Scariest Haunted Houses in America

Crenshaw House, Hickory Hill, The Old Slave House Address: 4301 Crenshaw Ln. City: Junction, Ill. Website: n/a The home of John Crenshaw served as a station on the reverse Underground Railroad, where Crenshaw was responsible for the kidnapping and illegal trafficking in freed or escaped slaves to work the salt mines. The third floor attic was constructed with tiny cells to house the slaves; moans, chains dragging along the floor, and the singing of spi

The 50 Scariest Haunted Houses in America - Joshua Ward House

These aren't fake—real murder and other sordid stuff has gone down in all of these places.