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Explora Brilhantes Luzes, Tentar e outros!

Rússia: Mais Crateras Misteriosas Encontradas, Testemunhas Relatam Brilhantes Luzes no Local

Homem diz ser a ''Reencarnação'' de Jesus Cristo e Arrasta Multidões de Fiéis na Rússia

Aliens Exterminators destroyed Martian and Earth is the Next Victim?

Arkaim is considered by some to be the most important and enigmatic archaeological site in northern Europe. The site is wrapped in controversy and is sometimes referred to as Russia’s Stonehenge.

Edward O. Wilson "O sentido da existência Humana" Vida Alienígena seria Semelhante

ca. 25,000 years old. Redheaded mummy from Sungir, Russia, Buried dressed with abundant bead work. Found in houses constructed out of mammoth bones and hide. Southern Russia,.

UFOs would be Mentioned in the Bible? Why the Book of Enoch is not in the Bible?

DNA from a cave in Russia adds a mysterious new member to the human family.

UFOS - Compilação de Vídeos da NASA dos Anos 80 e 90