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Um aconchego de quarto. Suave, feminino e marcante.

Stylish newly built home

Quarto para dois

when fandoms collide it's usually something they should be put in a corner for.

*fangirls at every single part of this picture*

*sobbing* *climbs ivy so she can be with newt again* *fails so sobs even more* *throws self into griever* *dies* and the two lIved happily ever after as ghosts

Sad memories :'( << whoa! Whoa! Wait! Hold the phone! I never heard this (rumor)! What? He was gonna propose to her??! *dies of sadness*

The parallel between Thorin and Boromir-power, but power to protect their people. Tolkien really wrote these two characters brilliantly.

Don't Bore Us on

When someone calls me a loser I feel so proud