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»nature morte« by rero (+)

Eleonora Oleotto @eleonoraoleotto http://ift.tt/2il9xzS "My artistic research has as main purpose to work with therapeutic photography to help people. This picture is part of a photographic project deepens the interaction between image and introspection: photography becomes a useful tool to bring before us our strengths but also our weaknesses and overcome them just after they become evident. The woman in the pictures went through two painful moments in two consecutive years: the death of…

visual-poetry: “amortemor” by augusto de campos (equivocábulos 1970) equivocábulos ~ equivocablesamor ~ lovetemor ~ fearmorte ~ deathar ~ air

Doença De Morte,Coisas Legais Aleatórios,Woah Que É,Poesia Visual,Demônio,Cursed Friend,Blessed Friend,Brought Death,Friend Brought

Chema Madoz (alinearse)

εїз"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies"εїз.

Doença De Morte,A Gaveta De Lixo,Poesia Visual,Demônio,Cursed Friend,Blessed Friend,Brought Death,Friend Brought,Wrought

A cursed fiend wrought death, disease, and pain. A blessed friend brought breath and ease again

Nubes lluviosos por Chema Madoz

The seed by Delphine Devos

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