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Que eu jamais perca a capacidade de mergulhar no universo que existe em mim mesma.

Ophelia drowning. This image is of someone in the water. The water is not clear but is milky white so it adds new meaning and texture to the image. The water looks thicker then if it were clear.

I need someone to take this exact same portrait of me and Dom :)

Elf on the Shelf - Its beginning to look a lot like me - Elf changed everyones's computer screen to his picture..Oh No!! - Picklehead Soup: December 2013

My hair journey in the past 3 years has gone from worrying that people won’t see ME through my hair to worrying about people not seeing me DESPITE my hair. It is unfortunate that if I want to be successful in the business world, that I have to please people who care about me about as much as that woman’s hair is long in the above picture.

Aww! I could do this with pics of all the animals!

Albrecht Durer. He painted so sensitively and tenderly and in his self portrait this can be seen in his face. R McN

BIG CATS LITTLE CATS - #DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - No artist could easily capture the gorgeous deep orange brown mane of this lion nuzzling his almost white peaceful lioness in this portrait. Almost put this on my Great Photo Compositions board! -DianaDee Osborne - Research: White lions are NOT albino; White is recessive but less severe mutation in same gene that causes albinism- distinct from gene responsible for white…

I wish we still had photos like these taken. Digital photography is brilliant but it just isn't the same.