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They forgot steel excuse you Steel: Ice, Rock, Fairy Also that's great and all, but steel types are a great defensive type with tons of resistances. Fire, Fighting, and ground are the only moves super effective against it. Also it's immune to poison so stall tactics with toxic ardent going to work. Spikes is the only entry hazard that's all that effective against it, and it's rarely used compared to the other two. Conclusion: get a steel type

OMG YES! It annoys the crap out of me when people say "Hunger Games 2" I wanna slap em across the face and say "STOP SAYING THAT!"

I see, Marvel, Hunger games, Divergent, DC, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Disney, and finally Star Wars. - Maddie G

The new Pokemon Go buddy system has finally arrived. Here's a helpful chart…

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Hunger Games Vs Harry Potter

Hunger Games Vs Harry Potter. That's kinda how I felt when that became a distinguished line.

activities - placed inside balloons to be popped at each corresponding time. Journey in a day??

Reno and Axel. They really do look similar, and they're both voiced by Quinton Flynn in the English dubs

On my Patreon, Aerith (fanart)  comes with: Full size drawing. Step by step (9 high res) Sketch and Lineart. Full size of all my da...

pin it (or repin, whatever) for Harry Potter, comment for The Hunger Games, and…