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|| dash || please check out some of my fellow 451 artists and poets. @c.pacific @c.strigas_sexyasspoet @stacieseidlwrites @alfa_poetry @r.baldwin_poet @raquelfranco.poet @thescripturient @pevpoetry @almazspilledink @britt.mchugh @jpsantoswriter @fromthequill @hughcofty @mollyaweber @amp.lified_5 @mister_paradoxal @blazethepoet @exquisite.existence @m.mcgraw_e.q @athousandyearsoflearning @j.d.craft @e.b.nelson

|| abandon || please check out some of my fellow 451 artists and poets. @c.pacific @c.strigas_sexyasspoet @stacieseidlwrites @inkforthought @alfa_poetry @voicelesswriter @r.baldwin_poet @misslavendius @raquelfranco.poet @riding_thewaves @thescripturient @e.troubles @pevpoetry @anicolepoetry @almazspilledink @s.n.white @britt.mchugh @listentomywords @jpsantoswriter @james_c_hall @fromthequill @fiorellagiordano @mollyaweber @selda.ramja @mister_paradoxal @blazethepoet @exquisite.existence…

|| signs signs everywhere signs... || entering the @ritualcravt #ritualcravtmandala #giveaway || xo

|| repost of the amazing #giveaway by @lisamcloughlinart I love finding artists who are so passionate and uniquely creative. not to mention generous!! || #treewisdomcards || xo

|| I love when creative genius teams up to support one another. (and I get to find awesome new artists to support!) #5ladysmiths || xo

|| #lanadelrey #brooklynbaby #songofthenight || They say I'm too young to love you They say I'm too dumb to see They judge me like a picture book By the colors like they forgot to read I think we're like fire and water I think we're like the wind and sea You're burning up I'm cooling down ||

|| spreading the venom || a two-piece collaboration between @exquisite.existence and @_just3words || check out Hazel's piece on her account and if you aren't following her you should be! || xo

|| today in at a loss for words. when I started this page it was completely for me. I wrote to give voice to the profound feelings I was overwhelmed by at the time and then... something magical happened. I found that people connected to the words I happened to write. I gained a trickle of followers. and now that volume has swelled to over 900 of you. I am humbled. and awed. I simply cannot fathom how this happened but I am grateful. and so I'm hosting a giveaway to give back to one of you…

|| tagged for #totalreposttuesday by @raquelfranco.poet xo ||