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Outro ginásio! To bem hoje. Rs #PokemonGO

So this was the #game that started it all for me. When I discovered the #anime of #Pokemon my interest was piqued but it wasn't until I played #PokemonYellow that I knew I was hooked. In addition to giving me a love of Pokemon this game was also what got me interested in #RPG style games as a whole (that love affair wouldn't be finalized until I played #KingdomHearts but Pokemon was definitely the seed. It felt really good firing the game up today on my #Retron5 and starting my first Pokemon…

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nicholasklomp ‏@nicholasklomp FROM 12 TODAY! Find your new Pokemon! @UCLife is dropping lures & providing prizes.Good Luck! …

A crip syllabus that resists limited notions of embodiment and medical pathology, and demands expansive understandings of disability, gender and sexuality.

Dear diary, today I set out on my journey! I want to find something I'm good at instead of Ryhorn racing. When I got to the professor's lab I also asked about the boy on the news, (crossing my fingers that it WAS Ash...) and he said it was him and he was going to the Santalune Gym! Then he showed me the pokemon that could be my starter. And I chose... you will just have to wait and see! Love, Serena. (Pokemon XY episode 3)

The most powerful thing that I have ever learned about self love and confidence is that it is a journey, not a destination. I always just thought one day I was going to wake up loving my body and be done with it. I now realize that it is a continuous effort- filled with ups and downs! Today is a good day, this week was a good week. Incredibly grateful and proud of my body for all that it has accomplished. ✨ #bodypeace #trustthejourney #bekindtoyourself #thisbody

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eggs in pokemon go 2km, 5km and 10km eggs will hatch into.....