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Mythical Character Creations (UPDATE) : Yu Cheng Hong Character Design

Character design and concept - Yu Cheng Hong Character Design

In Kalevala, the Finnish national epic, Ilmatar was a virgin Personification of Air. Her Father was Sky, Her Mother was Primal Waters. Her name literally means "female air spirit." In Kalevala, Ilmatar is portrayed as androgynous with both male and female aspects, though she is primarily female. She was impregnated by the sea and wind and thus became the mother of Väinämöinen, the Finnish Creator of Life.

John Collier - The Priestess of Delphi [1891] Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide - Oil on Canvas, 16 x 8 cm

Fragment of a marble panel with depiction of a musician centaur with thyrsus and drum (Dionysiac subjects), from Hadrian's Villa, Hadrianic period (117-138 AD), Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Rome