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Imagem de Gabriella Moreira

Rita Moreira illustration Ana Amaro Spring Summer collection

Conceito 2D_01, Rob Moreira on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/conceito-2d_01

Dorsal musculature. Augusto Moreira (1909) from the collection of anatomical drawings of the Medicine Museum, FMUL

Valentine Bird by Tracey English www.tracey-English.co.uk

Perhaps the most easily identifiable if not most significant example of the phenomena in which specifically acute anti-consumerist or anti-institutional gestures are rendered in such a way as to se...

~Artemis~(Diana) She is a Greek Goddess, usually seen with Her bow is Physically strong, able to defend herself.Known as a defender and guardian of the wildlife in the forest. She hates men, especially male hunters, and will kill the male hunter on sight in the woods.

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