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These molds and drawings are not of my authorship. All were found through Internet research - research tool: Google. Speaking of Google, let the last tip. To find mold on the Internet, open Google Images and type in the search template you want. Remember to put only keywords. Example: Mold owl. Will appear many molds, then just choose. For those who dream of buying Japanese magazines with templates and tutorials, I know the sun Bookstore and Fonomag .

*****fabric flower***** STEP BY STEP instructions for you who love flowers. Many people ask me how I do this kind of flower and what materials to use her confection. Since psychology gave me a respite for my time ... (College vacations, wow!) PAP could do this for you and will also be able to rest the endless readings that the psychology course requires. You will see how to make this little flower is not difficult, however, nothing is simple and time-consuming to produce.

molde de arvore que você me pediu by ALEPE ATELIÊ, via Flickr