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Does this beard make me look fat?

How many licks does it take?

Josh Ritter the only man who does not write lyrics- but an entire story. What an incredible songwriter. Like none i've ever known.

“Does #HenryCavill make you wet??? Superman is a sex god! And other revelations on my latest podcast! Listen at http://Play.it/Perez and subscribe on…”

Pitbull - I like him well enough, but MAN does he creep me out.

Estilo lumbersexual faz sucesso entre homens modernos e conquista as mulheres - Vida & Estilo - Estadão

rhapsodybrohemian: “ The suit does all the talking. ”

scott caan. Not typically a fan of smoking but, Jiminy Cricket, does he look insanely hot

Does this profile make my beard look thicker?

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