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#Book Review of #Herakles from #ReadersFavorite - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/herakles Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Herakles by Simon Spence is the story of the Greek hero, Herakles, who is one of the strongest heroes of Greek mythology. The queen of the gods, Hera, sends two snakes to harm Herakles, the son of Zeus, while he is sleeping with his brother. Herakles grabbed the two snakes, lifted them into the air, and giggled in...

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"Daughter of Hera sleep" by lillyquest7 on Polyvore featuring Modloft and Pier 1 Imports

Hera dormindo

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beyond the highway fence by fredmatos

Argus & Hermes. When Io, desired by Zeus, was turned into a cow, HERA set Argus, a monster with multiple eyes to guard her so that Zeus would have no chance of fulfilling his passion. Zeus, undeterred, sent HERMES to dispatch Io’s unsleeping guardian... by disguising himself as a goatherd, then lulling the hundred watchful eyes to sleep with stories and music from his panpipes. He then struck off Argus’ head. -Jennifer R. March (Alan Lee/Ovid's Metamorphoses//user Aethon)

Disney Challenge: Maleficent ~ Sleeping Beauty

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