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Billie Holiday photographed by Roy DeCarava in 1952.

The Black Keys | 7/12/13 | Charter Amphitheatre | Greenville, SC | Community Post: 29 Of The Most Awesome Concert Posters You Will Ever See

Ben Harper, "With My Own Two Hands"

Fleet Foxes ~ I love how intertwined and layered everything is. Also love the humor in having the fox wear a fox mask (since foxes in many cultures are seen as tricksters that imitate others... to have the fox playing at being a fox, witty)

Salford lads ... Iconic image of a moment in time and a band that DID change the world ...

Excellent photo composition from a different viewpoint, looking up into the stage lights as Jimi Hendrix plays his yellow Fender style guitar with Joy. ♫♪ Music ♪♫ Musical jimi.....you touched the sky

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