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Em apenas um dia, foram vendidas todas unidades do Google Glass Reprodução/Internet

Quando a Blizzard faz parceria com Mega Bloks em vez de fazer com a LEGO mostra que é vacilona.

O relógio Space Invaders foi criado em parceria com própria desenvolvedora do game, a TAITO, em dois modelos: um colorido, para o dia, e o outro com luzes brilhantes, para a noite. O que faz o relógio ser ainda mais único é que ele foi feito de fragmentos da cápsula da missão espacial Apollo 11 e em edição limitada de apenas 78 peças, em referência ao ano em que o game foi lançado: 1978.

3x09 Malleus Maleficarum - I gotta be more like you. - Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Bonus 'Rogue One' Photos! (And Some Burning Questions About the 'Star Wars' Movie)

In the era of fandom 'shipping, it's only a matter of time before people start drawing hearts around Jyn and Cassian. The filmmakers say he's the reliable, stable one who counters her loose-cannon tendencies, sort of Murtaugh to her Riggs. (There's probably a fandom out there who 'ship the two Lethal Weapon characters, too.) No doubt Jyn and Cassian form a trust and a friendship, but does that always have to mean romance? Is there perhaps value in showing a man and woman whose partnership is…

Even Darth Vader uses D batteries from Duracell! Not too long ago we covered the history of Energizers’ mascot: the Energizer Bunny. While Duracell does not have a cute and fuzzy mascot to promote their AA batteries, Duracell still remains the most popular general-purpose battery brand. The brand’s origins start with a partnership between a scientist, Samuel Ruben, and a businessman, Philip Rogers Maylle, in the 1920s. By 1934 Mallory founded the

femme-de-lettres: Large (Wikimedia) At the request of the wonderful laclefdescoeurs, today I’m writing about John William Waterhouse’s 1892 painting Circe Invidiosa. One of Waterhouse’s defining features as a painter is what Christie’s calls his “particular brand of late, academic Pre-Raphaelitism.” I might quibble, as the Tate does, that he only “revived the literary themes popularised by the Pre-Raphaelites, though he was not Pre-Raphaelite in technique,” and indeed “[h]is fondness for…

How an Independent Video Production House Makes Seven Figures with the Help of Two Insanely Useful Blog Posts

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The Dark Knight - probably the best superhero movie ever made, partly because of Heath Ledger's INCREDIBLE performance as the The Joker.

This Is What It’s Like To Visit Mario-Themed Cafes In Tokyo