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vintage photo of victorian tourists egypt | ... avant les touristes egypte vintage ancien vieille photo pyramide 25

ring, scarab seal depicting child holding a scorpion, gold and steatite, Egyptian, Middle Kingdom (Second Intermediate Period), 1710-1550 BCE (Louvre E3601) |

" The marriage of Thutmosis II with Hatshepsut produced no sons, but Thutmosis had a secondary wife named Isis who produced a son also called Thutmosis. He was crowned as Thutmosis III......but he was only about 12 years old when his father, Thutmosis II died. So, Hatshepsut assumed the role of regent on his behalf. Hatshepsut ruled as regent for almost 7 years but she apparently liked the job, because she then assumed the title of King."

Nose chopped off to hide or obscure the statue's African characteristics. Unknown Royal from Old Kingdom; BrE.7117(1).jpg

Temple of Hathor wall, image commonly referred to as "Dendera Bulb"

LÉgypte avant les touristes egypte vintage ancien vieille photo pyramide 35

Silbury Hill, UK. Silbury Hill, near Avebury in Wiltshire, is the largest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe. It was created around 2660 BCE and stands 130 feet high, but its purpose is unknown. Despite centuries of study and excavation, it remains one of the most enigmatic of British prehistoric sites.

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Vintage Photos of Tourists Traveling in Style in Gizeh, Egypt, 1921