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Its not your salary that makes you rich, it's your spending habits - So true - write it on your forehead. Well, maybe on a paper that you paperclip around your money/CC/debit cards inside your wallet. Anything that will make you slow it down on the outflow of money!!!

Strategic Asset Allocation [INFOGRAPHIC] #asset #allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation [INFOGRAPHIC] #asset #allocation

de Sabrina's Admin Services

How to make your budget more effective

How to make your budget more effective | Sabrina's Admin Services #budgeting #tips

Exchange: The Outflow and Inflow of your Business – Excerpt from Chapter 5

This is the story of how a young, single bachelor solopreneur unexpectedly became a father overnight, failed hard, lost everything, failed some more, went through some very dark times, and came out the other side. It’s a lengthy read, but you’ll learn how I survived through two years of adversity and came out the other side a better man, ready to play a much bigger game.

Bullet Journal: The Analog system for the digital age – The analog system for the digital age

Boom..people that really have money don't talk about it or "act" like they are rich..quit judging hunnnayy you don't know a thing about me

It's normal to want things and want them now. Don't be normal. Be weird.

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