My large black @kikkik_loves planner has some beautiful dividers (if I don't say so myself) and I love adding details like my library card pockets. They are awesome for holding journal cards mini sticker sheets notes get the idea. They are easy to embellish stamp or layer with stickers. I love them and these days they make it into every planner I set up! #theresetgirlplans #theresetgirlplanskikkik #kikkik #theresetgirlgoodideas #plannerdividers #plannerdecorating…

3×4 “DAYS OF THE WEEK” Printable Journal Cards are great for little notes. See more free printable journal cards here:

Hands down these have been my favorite dividers and accessories I have done - so fun and incorporating simple elements like journal cards and embellishments. When you enjoy swapping out your dividers a lot it pays to adopt a simple decorating style! I will be filming a video this weekend for YouTube for setting up another planner and a walk through for how I am using them! I am so glad it's Friday how about you? #theresetgirlplans #theresetgirlplansfilofax #fallplanner #plannerdecorating…

“Learn how to customise your monthly and weekly calendars in your #Planner the kikki.K way and watch our Part Two video online here:…”

I've got a fiance who would like these very much! // star wars day journal cards from One Velvet Morning

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scrappinlove: Freshly sewn dust pouch for my personal size @websterspages Color Crush and A5 @kikkik_loves planner. L❤️️VE! PS- I'll be opening up pre-order for these handmade dust pouches in limited quantity when ready. So do keep your eyes peeled!

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This week I'm striving to Discover my own Paradise.

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