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Nature - Lady bug/Ladybird - Macro Photography

it's all getting so old. a constant, over exaggerated fear of some so ridiculous, yet so possible. it's almost as if i'm living in this euphoric state of mind, it's like I fear reality itself. ugh

polaroid action... gift idea. yes please. The land polaroid camera, just in case you see this Luke (:

Motion pictures were originally made with strips of plastic called film (or film stock). In 1885, George Eastman and William H. Walker invented the first strips of film. Today directors can easily shoot with digital cameras since film is expensive. There are different widths of film. 8 mm and 35 mm are generally used for theatrical productions. Each square is called a frame, and once the film is projected it looks as if the subjects are moving (thanks to the persistence of vision).

About half-way through their time at camp there's a stormy day and Billie and Mia retreat to their cabin. Billie runs inside, thoroughly soaked.

OMG! I think this is so great. No electricity needed. No putting your mouth on the valve. So cool!

all you really need in the summer is a swimsuit + white t