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The quintessential japanese architect, Kengo Kuma has forged a modern design language that artfully combines the country's traditional building crafts with sophisticated technologies and materials. Kenneth Frampton frames Kuma's work in the context of post-war Japan's flourishing architecture scene. From his iconic Water/Glass (1995) to the Nezu Museum in Tokyo (2009), each building is presented through descriptive text, newly commissioned photographs,

Nakagawa-machi Bato Hiroshige Ando Museum | Kengo Kuma and Associates

‘S,M,L,XL’ presents a selection of the design work produced by the Dutch firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.) and its founder, Rem Koolhaas. The collaboration between Koolhaas and designer Bruce Mau weaves together architectural projects, photos and sketches, diary excerpts, personal travelogues, fairy tales, and fables, as well as critical essays on contemporary architecture and society.

Campo Baeza: Complete Works by Oscar Riera Ojeda

de SustentArqui

Livro: Manual do Arquiteto Descalço

Manual do Arquiteto Descalço - Livro indispensável para os interessados em bio-construção e arquitetura sustentável Autor: Johan Van Lengen fundador do Tibá

Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible by Sophie Lovell

This collection of previously unpublished drawings, diagrams, and other remnants of the architectural process provides new insight into well-known projects like the Parc de la Villette and the New Acropolis Museum, as well as tracing a number of unbuilt proposals and speculations. NOTATIONS (Diagrams and Sequences) offers a unique view into the working process of Tschumi and his office. influenced international architectural culture

Material Immaterial : The New Work of Kengo Kuma by Botond Bognar

Alvar Aalto,Livros,Gráficos,Kries Alvar,Curator Jochen,Eisenbrand Mateo,Aalto 9783931936938,Nature Jochen,Jochen Eisenbrand

de kengo kuma and associates

Oribe Tea House

Oribe Tea House | Kengo Kuma