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Explora Cobras E Aranhas, Ratos e outros!

Aranha-de-ratos ou missulena aranha perigosa

Cobras are some of the most dangerous and venomous snakes found mostly in Africa and Asia. They can range in length from 8 feet to just over 18 feet. According to National Geographic, one bite from a king cobra has enough toxin to kill 20 people or even an elephant. Most cobras, however, are shy and try to stay away from humans.

Southwest speckled rattlesnake


The tip of the Atlas moth's wing is camouflaged to resemble the head of the distinctive cobra snake. When disturbed, the Atlas moth falls to the ground and writhes about to complete the illusion.

Sun Trap Door Spider

Such a beautiful snake! Look at those markings!

And then there is the Ladybird spider, previously believed extinct in the UK