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De um gato admiro a sua independência e a dificuldade de se apegar a alguêm. A indiferença com que atravessa um salão para um telhado...;)

Because real love of the bush veld is what makes an African fall in love

giraffe in #sunset…

cat silhouette

Eclipse, South Africa

"The deer tracks are deep narrow holes thrust into the snow. I follow the tracks with my eyes. The deer stopped for something here. I stare closely at the frosty loam. Scattered eggshells, newly broke, the yolk still drying in the cold. The deer hunt eggs. I glance up at them ahead. Deer they are. The hart of heaven and his dame. A shiver runs from arm to arm. A lamb turns lion in the night." — from an (early draft) of the novel SINFUL FOLK

Botswana Sunset.

Beautiful cat in pink blossoms

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