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Tag a friend that needs a super quick, effective workout you can do anywhere - zero equipment needed. This workout is only 6 minutes long, but don't underestimate it - it'll make your muscles burn and lungs scream for air. Here's what you'll be doing: S

Cheap dip bar idea: get two saw horses from a hardwood store and go to town :muscle::muscle::muscle: No excuses! Get creative if you don't have regular workout equipment. Find dip bar workouts: #noexcuses #12minuteathlete #app #c

Happy Saturday :sunglasses: Today's time challenge workout: 4x 50 double unders 10 handstand push ups 5 pistols / leg 100 high knees w/ 10 dips 10 leg raises Followed by ring pull ups, skin the cats, and elbow levers :muscle: Who else got their worko

Build up your speed and conditioning with this quick HIIT workout :muscle: Find a bench, stairs, or a plyo box, and set a timer to 18 :10 and :30 second intervals. Rest on the :10 ones and work AS HARD AS YOU CAN on the :30 ones. Go through the following

Got a fun new HIIT workout (+ YouTube video) for you guys today! Find a dip bar or a set of parallel bars and set an interval timer for 18 rounds of :10 and :30 intervals. You'll be resting on the :10 intervals and working your ass off on the :30 ones. Y

Some of today's super sweaty outdoor workout :sweat_smile::muscle: #noexcuses #outdoorworkout #hiit #venicebeach #fitness #fitfam #workout #jumprope #calisthenics #handstand #conditioning #12minuteathlete

Give Me Everything Workout... 12 minute interval training with sandbag, jumprope, and dip bar

Get strong as steel with today's 12 minute #HIIT workout and unleash your inner badass

12 Minute Athlete is a HIIT workout regimen consisting of incredibly short, effective workouts based on calisthenics, cross-training and functional fitness.