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O que dizer sobre o filme? Acredito que todos conheçam a história bíblica sobre Moisés... E o que pode tornar este filme diferente dos demais já produzidos? De profecias a explicações oriundas da natureza sobre a passagem das pragas que assolam o Egito e a neutralidade ao falar de fé, religião. A produção e os efeitos visuais até que são bons! E mais... Como Ramsés, me pergunto: "Que Deus é esse que nos pune?". Vejam o filme e tirem suas próprias conclusões! #critica #filme #êxododeusesereis

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Le sigh. Is it weird that I still find him sexy? The Goblin King was one of my first loves.

The thing I find funny is that D flat and C sharp are the same note.

Cool. This can work not only for novels but for scripts as well.

David Bowie - I have always been mesmerized by his mismatched pupils... an old injury, I think. LTM

Making inferences, not predictions. Love the distinction and the sentence stems to get the kids practicing! (pic only)

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Graphic Design - The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering the Art of Graphic Design (2015)

Graphic Design - The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering the Art of Graphic Design (2015) Since there are different types of graphic designs used for many purposes, there is a plausible reason to list them all. All readers continue along for the purposes and benefits directly related to the world of graphic design. Graphic design isn’t only utilized for logos, the skill is used for all types of business purposes that deal with, but is not limited to: marketing, film making, news, media…

Dioptase crystals (stalactitic in form) / Tsumeb, Namibia. – Very powerful healing stone. Works on the physical, emotional and spiritual heart. Merges the spiritual world with the physical world. Connects to the heart, intuition and feelings. Heals past lives traumas from the heart. Releases pains and deep feelings of hurt. Helps in a processes of letting go. Guides to release the old and to be open to the new. Good for healing different pains and diseases in the body.

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Simple Delights: Photography Tips Love this. Keeps me from taking tons of test shots with different apertures lol. As always.