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Canvas "You're allowed five emotional minutes in the day" #810467 -

INFJ: I can hear every word a person says and not care depending the speaker. #tuneyouout

In that case, bring on the zombie apocalypse. And as Eminem once said, "I guess it pays to be brainless!"

Someone thinks me a target. lol Funny thing is I go by a general rule. Let them out enough rope, never let your assumptions or senses be discovered but wait. Where would be the justice of judging someone until the proof is obtained in evidence. Went to even medically help this person, but in the night they plot and I saw it in the eye. I'm looking like a sheep to them. Deep impacted rot for brains, they have. Felt the monster from the cavern of his filthy thoughts. Actions he will make soon.

Bahahahaha this is hilarious!! I can't stop laughing!! Uterus - Awkward Yeti comics

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